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General Questions

What are they made out of?
There are three main materials in the lines. The metal figures are cast in a lead-free pewter. The various bones lines are created in a thermal plastic injection or a 3D printing process. The various Bones line names (Black, Classic, etc.) do not necessarialy indicate the material or process the figure was created by. From time to time they have been known to release a resin figure.

How big are the models?
The vast majority of the models are 25mm Heroic Scale. You'll find these to be scale-comparable to the other popular figure lines out there. Figures are photographed with two small triangles in the right-hand of the picture. Those triangles are .5" and 1" from the tabletop.
A few other figures are a different scale -- 54mm and 72mm are common. Those scales are reflected in the names of the figures. Finally, the CAV robots are N-scale. Think model railroads.

What do you use them for?
First off, they're really cool. Have you seen the detail of these models? You can use them for anything you can imagine, really. Most of our customers use them in games to represent their character. We've had a number of folks make custom chess sets out of them. Many of our customers never play games with them, and just love to paint them.

How do I assemble them?
For miniatures that require assembly, you're going to get the best results with some metal snips, superglue (Cyanoacrylate), and a file. Just snip the bit from the sprue, file the nub down, and a little dab of glue should do it. Then prime it and start painting.