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Range 18 - Pirate Ships 1/450

These ships are built to 1/450th scale. 1/450th Ships. Pirate range. Figures =4mm.   1.5 feet = 1mm

This is just right for the sea battles.

Men are 4mm high.

Each ship comes as a simple kit, supplied unassembled and unpainted, Consisting of hull, masts (with sails molded on!), rear windows and any other bits needed.
Although ships are designated " warship" or "merchant ship" they can be freely interchanged, as pirates would convert ships to warships and warships could be used to carry goods.

You buy the guns and deck crews in separate packs, in order to make the ship look as you would wish it.
This range contains all that is needed for the naval battles in  our Pieces of eight rules.

The terms "small", "medium" and "large" are in relation to the PP Pieces of eight rules.

Why 1/450th

1/450 is not a popular scale for ships.  We made some little wooden blocks to determine what size models to use. The models had to look convincing in sea battle games.   Also the models had to be comfortable to handle in terms of size and weight.  The last criteria was that the models had to have enough detail to make their type clear to gamers. So we arrived at the arbitrary scale of 1/450th in order to fulfil these 3 main criteria. At Peter Pig, we are able to create whatever scale and models we wish, so are not constrained by what is already available or by popular matches of scale to periods of warfare.  This means we offer to our customers a no -compromise range of ships for sea games in the age of piracy.

The ships are modelled for gaming, rather than as fine scale models.  On the game table they give a good impression of  the distances involved is sea fights.