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  • GW66-61 Citadel Tools: Knife

    GW66-61 Citadel Tools: Knife

    Every Warhammer hobbyist needs a hobby knife, so the Citadel Tools design team created one just for them. It features a fully sculpted hard plastic handle, and incorporates a number of clever features for safety and convenience:– Fixed single slot blade...

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  • GW66-64 Citadel Tools: Drill

    GW66-64 Citadel Tools: Drill

    Do you want to drill tiny holes in your miniature gun barrels so they look like they could fire miniature bullets? Want to experiment with pinning hard-to-fix pieces in place when building and converting your miniatures? A reliable drill suitable for use...

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  • Texture Brush - M

    Texture Brush - M

    Designed to be used with the Citadel Texture range of paints, this texture spreading tool (M Texture) places detailed, interesting bases within easy reach for your miniatures. The double-ended tool is ideal for applying textures to any and all Citadel...

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