Brookhurst Club


Sprue Cutters

Come in and build, a causal builders meetup to build and show off current work of models. Any modelers welcome


Generally meets 1st and 3rd Tuesdays

Free entry

Kill team 

Meet up and play casual games of kill team with a laidback group of players. New players welcome.


Generally Meets 1st and 3rd Saturdays
Starts usually 1pm

DND Night

Join or Start your own campaign. Not just DND but any RPG games welcome. Have fun and start your epic adventures with us.


Weekly Event on Wednesdays

Nightly Fee - $1

Mecha Club

A group of builders who like to build and hang out. Not just gunpla model builds but also builders for any other brand. Koto, Wave, Etc


Meets generally last Saturday of the month

Free Entry

Age of Sigmar - Game Night

Play AOS casually with other AOS fans and Game for the night.


Meets Generally every friday
5pm - 10pm 

$5 nightly entry fee

Friday Night Magic

Casual Magic the Gathering Meetup night. Format is draft if you are new or looking for a non hyper competative play group this is what you need.

(Meets may cancel due to lack of players)  


Meets generally every friday

7 - 10pm

Weekly Draft Buy in fee (varies on set)