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Range 08 - World War II

Information about WW2 miniatures packs

  • Infantry/figure packs usually contain 8 x 15mm pieces/figures. This will either be 8 figures in three poses or eight castings of crew and weapon.
    Mortar  and MMG/HMG packs usually have two weapons and six crew figures. This gives enough for two bases/teams of  the weapon.

  • Artillery pieces are sold singly without crew as are tanks and other vehicles. This is because we have a variety of crew packs that suit each gun type. You might even want to use it as a captured gun.
  • Prone figures usually have a "smoothed face" i.e. little facial detail. This is because the undercut for a face smaller than the headgear would tear the mold as you pull a larger object (helmet circumference through a smaller hole, head cavity). Other manufacturers who try this often have torn molds. The face will not be visible to the gamer standing above the figure anyway.