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  • Milliput - Black

    Milliput - Black

    The epoxy putty with a thousand uses in modelling D.I.Y and industry.Milliput is the trade name for our epoxy putty. We produce five grades: Standard Yellow/Grey, Silver Grey, Superfine White, Terracotta, and the latest addition - Milliput Black. Each...

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  • Milliput - Superfine white

    Milliput - Superfine white

    For the restoration of porcelain and other ceramics for the repair of antiques, objects d'art, Victorian dolls, picture mouldings, etc. For sculpting and modelling. For the repair of white domestic chinaware and for filling scores and dents in white...

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  • Milliput - Terracotta

    Milliput - Terracotta

    For the restoration of terracotta and other ceramics. Also for the repair of garden urns, pots, Statuettes and damaged brickwork, etc. Also for sculpting and modelling.Milliput is the trade name for our epoxy putty. We produce five grades: Standard...

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    Volks Tweezers are a small tweezer with a super fine tip. There is a rounded area on the handle so that you can hold them easily even though the tweezer itself is small. The tip of these tweezers is very smooth and sharp so you can handle delicate items...

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