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Range 07 - American Civil War Riverine

Ships The ships are all built to a scale of 1/600th. They are designed as robust wargames models.
This means they should withstand some rough hands.
The ships are all waterlined. The ships are quite thick in their waterline but you can sand them down as much as you want to make them sit lower in the water.

Masts Most ACW ships had any masts removed when in riverine actions. The masts were replaced by single pole masts for flag display etc. We DO NOT provide these pole masts in order to keep costs down, but do give indentations at the correct places on the models if a customer wishes to drill out the hole and put wire in. We can drill the holes and provide the wire for an extra cost (£2). Contact us by E mail and we will do the extra drilling and supply the wire or even glue it in of required.

Funnels Each ship is provided with the appropriate funnel castings. A lot of the ships use a universal funnel casting which needs to be trimmed to the right size. The funnel supplied is quite long in order to allow for customers who drill the original funnel hole deeper in order to create a super strong hole for the funnel. Any ship with a universal funnel will have a mm (millimetre) figure beside it, which indicates how tall the funnel should be above deck level.

Ships boats Most ACW ships had lifeboats. These were often towed behind in order to avoid cluttering the deck and gun arcs. We DO NOT provide lifeboats with the models in order to keep the costs down. Lifeboats are sold as a separate pack (pack 13). These boats can either be surface mounted on the model, or two holes drilled and the boat davits dropped in to those holes. WE can do the drilling and fit boats for you at a cost of £3. Contact us if you require this service.