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Range 02 - American Civil War

Notes on Peter Pig 15mm ACW figures
Forage Cap. This is the kepi style cap which has a flat top that falls forward. This is the cap worn  by the vast majority of Union troops.
Kepi. This is a tailored cap with a depressed centre/top  common amongst confederate troops.

Marching poses are suitable for the right shoulder arms. This is the pose adopted by the second rank during a charge/advance.

Each of the figures in range 2 is designed to reward painting as well as making painting easy. In addition the figures are designed to be tough enough for most wargamers so that the figures will still be unbent after many years handling!

This range probably contains all the troops you will need for fighting the battles of the ACW in 15mm.
Each pack has a variety of poses (usually 3).


This range is  always subject to revised and additional packs.