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  • WPN014 - The M16

    WPN014 - The M16

    The M16 was first introduced in 1958 and was revolutionary for its time as it was made of lightweight materials including special aluminium and plastics, which had previously not been used in mainstream weapons. It was first adopted by US Special Forces...

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  • WPN020 - The M60 Machine Gun

    WPN020 - The M60 Machine Gun

    The US M60 Machine Gun, known as "the Pig," was developed in the years after World War II from two revolutionary German designs, combining the effective belt-feed system of the MG 42 machine gun with the bolt-operating design of the FG 42 rifle...

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  • WPN030 - The Longbow

    WPN030 - The Longbow

    An iconic medieval missile weapon, the deadly longbow made possible the English victories at Crecy and Poitiers at the height of the Hundred Years' War. The longbow was the weapon at the heart of the English military ascendancy in the century after 1340...

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  • WPN041 - The Flamethrower

    WPN041 - The Flamethrower

    Fire is one of humanity's most rudimentary tools, but also one of its oldest killers. This focus of this book is a weapon that has literally placed the power of fire in human hands - the man-portable flamethrower. From its very first use in World War I...

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  • WPN061 - The Crossbow

    WPN061 - The Crossbow

    Technologically sophisticated and powerful, the crossbow has long enjoyed a popular reputation for villainous superiority because it could be used with little training as a weapon of assassination. The study of bow designs, trigger mechanisms and...

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