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Range 23 - Wars of the Roses

his is one of the most comprehensive WOTR ranges in 15mm. Of course there will be more releases as time goes by. One of the biggest inspirations for the figures is the artwork of Graham Turner, as seen in the Osprey campaign books.  Marvellous.

The range is intended to accompany the Peter Pig  "Bloody Barons" rules which specifically cover the WOTR.  
Of course they will go well with any other set too. We prefer specific and narrow "periodised" (made up word!) rules. This means the rules  focus on what is important to that specific period. The figures are designed to withstand wargamer handling , painting and give the correct generic visual to a unit. Thus the archers are shooting and the other chaps are fighting. The figures are made to a 15mm size. They are probably not compatible with ranges of 18/19/20mm figures.