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  • Electric Handy Drill - 74041

    Electric Handy Drill - 74041

    This is a ready to assemble electric handy drill for use with plastic models and wood. It uses a trigger switch for control. 2mm drill bit and two types of drill chuck are included. Compatible with drill bits between 1mm and 3mm in diameter. Requires two...

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  • JR Bearing Lubricant Oil - 15531

    JR Bearing Lubricant Oil - 15531

    The key to speed with Mini 4WD racing is efficiency. Use this item to keep ball bearings and eyelets, etc. rotating smoothly. • This bearing lubricant oil is useful to lubricate ball bearings and eyelets for smooth rotation and reduced wear and tear.•...

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  • NUT DRIVER 4MM/4.5MM - 74088

    NUT DRIVER 4MM/4.5MM - 74088

    Can be used for 2mm nuts and 2mm lock nuts.Elastic polymer grip prevents slipping.Driver bit is made from chrome vanadium steel and is finished with nickel plating.Its compact size helps keep the tool steady, especially when you are using a box driverand...

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  • POCKET TOOL SET - 74010

    POCKET TOOL SET - 74010

    This is a very handy pocket sized tool set that is neatly packaged in a compact plastic case. The set includes small (+) and (-) screwdrivers as well as a file. Tools are perfect for assembly and modification of Mini 4WD racers.

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  • Tamiya Handy Craft Saw II

    Tamiya Handy Craft Saw II

    DESCRIPTION This small tool is exceptionally useful in the construction and modification of plastic models, Mini 4WD kits and so on.The fine teeth on the blade ensure that the saw cuts with minimum effort and leaves a clean edge when done.• Blade...

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