"Kamen Rider Ryuki", Bandai Spirits Hobby Figure-rise Standard

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The 11th product in the project to recreate Heisei-era Kamen Rider protagonists in plastic model kit form. A Drageder over 2 feet long that can be split into weapon like in the TV show is included! In addition plastic Advent cards are included and can be inserted into the Dragvisor. The kit works with the Figure-rise Standard Mask Rider Decade, and the included parts can be used to recreate Sword vent, Strike vent and Guard vent forms. The Silver sections have been painted and have unique textures. Details such as the slits on the mask have been recreated. Kit includes: Drageder, Dragclaw, pose hand(right), card holding hand(right), closed fist(left/right), weapon-holding hands(left/right) and open hands(left/right). 5 Advent Cards, 2 Drageder display bases, a figure-rise display base and a set of foil stickers.